Why you should celebrate small wins

Why you should celebrate small wins

Celebrating small victories, why and how?

It’s amazing how failures can undermine morale when small victories are so quickly forgotten. Celebrating small victories is not only important to keep your motivation high in the long run, but also mandatory to program your brain for success.

The small steps we take every day, which might seem so insignificant to others, are an opportunity to cry victory. In this world, if you have to compare yourself to someone it is yourself. And it is only against yourself that you will be able to measure your progress. Among the reasons for opening the file of the past, this one is a valid one. Have you achieved anything compared to yesterday, last month, six months ago, a year ago?

Small victories are the steps of this staircase that we climb and lead us to success. Take a moment to meditate on this. You’ll find positive answers, I’m sure. Maybe before you couldn’t finish any of your projects? Today you have finally taken an important step towards achieving your goals, something you thought impossible before? The courage you had to make a decision that went against what people thought? The fact that you were able to face the crowd when it seemed unimaginable to you? Or maybe the fact that you managed to get up for fair for three days in a row? Moving forward even though you have been told repeatedly that “you couldn’t do it, that it’s not for you” etc… Every decision, every small step towards your personal well-being and fulfillment deserves to be celebrated.

Why celebrate small victories

Being aware of your progress gives you motivation to progress further. And awareness of this should be marked by a celebration, to mark this even more strongly. So that you remember, that in times when you’re not doing so well, you say to yourself, “I’m really proud of myself”. This increases your confidence and self-esteem. After all the great victories, are only collections of small victories?

Marking this will make you much more positive, optimistic, and when you know that the people who succeed are the most optimistic, there’s something to be motivated to be, isn’t there? It’s time to change your focus, send a signal to your brain to tell it that it needs to focus on success instead of focusing on things that aren’t going well. You change the way you look at life, and look to the future with confidence. It is therefore important to mark these small victories in your mind so that you always remember them.

How to celebrate small victories

First, the basis is to congratulate yourself, to tell you “I’m proud of myself for having succeeded” bravo! But that’s really the minimum. It is important to mark your spirit even more than with a simple word. Giving yourself a physical gift can be something you will keep as a souvenir. A book, a piece of jewelry, something you’ve wanted for a very long time, something you’ve been wanting to have. The idea is that at the sight of this object, you will remember your victory.

Celebrate this by going to a restaurant or if you are not very restaurant like me, organize a convivial meal with your family and friends. Have a good time talking and laughing together. An evening, afternoon movie and popcorn. Or treat yourself to a facial at the institute for a relaxing moment. Of course, it is not necessary to spend astronomical sums of money or even spend the slightest penny. But it is important to mark the occasion, celebrating small victories is part of the winning attitudes to adopt.

Having recognition is extremely beneficial for our state of mind. Our brain needs feedback that tells us “yes I did well and it’s so great”. The first person who needs to be grateful to yourself is you. Make yourself valuable! Every small step is an incredible step forward in your personal evolution. Small steps necessary to release your extraordinary potential that only needs to spring up to make you shine and illuminate the surrounding people.

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