The Magic Of Good People Around You

The Magic Of Good People Around You

The people around us affect us more than we think. Whether we realize it or not, their attitude, the way they talk to us, their perspective on the world, and even their morale have a great influence on us.

That’s why it’s smart to choose “good people”, people who make us feel good.

Karl Marx said, “Surround yourself with people who make you happy. People who make you laugh, who help you when you need it. People who really care about you. People who are worthwhile in his life. All the others are just passing through”.

These words reveal a great truth because, after all, what sensible person would surround himself with people who make him unhappy?

“A friend is someone who knows everything about you, but still loves you”

– Elbert Hubbard

Surrounding yourself with good people is not as simple as it seems, but it is not impossible.

To surround yourself with good people, it’s important to identify the people who are not right for you and keep away from them.

It is also crucial to identify the right people to keep them in your life. It’s not simple, but when you learn to filter people, the right people will come into your life naturally.

Clean Up Unhealthy Friendships

Does it make sense for you to put on a dress that doesn’t fit you? It’s the same with friendships, is it worth keeping friendships that don’t add anything to your life?

Those people that make you uncomfortable, forget about them. They are not necessarily bad people, but maybe they are just not people who fit you.

Appreciate that you may have great memories with some people, but also recognize and accept that some (including yourself) change.

In this case, it’s best to keep them out of your life or at least not get too close emotionally.

When talking about friendship, it is better to focus on quality over quantity.

It’s like having a closet full of clothes that you never put on because they don’t fit you, they squeeze you, and they hurt you…

What’s the point of having so many clothes if they don’t serve us well? It is better to have fewer clothes, but let them fit us well, and let us feel fulfilled in them.

Having a cupboard full of clothes but not being able to find what makes us feel good is a real problem.

“Friendship is harder and rarer than love. That’s why it must be saved as it is.”

– Alberto Moravia

Create A Filter Of Toxic And Healthy Friendships

Nobody wants to lose good friends because of bad decisions. So, learning how to create a filter will help you know who you love in your life and who it’s best to take some emotional distance with.

If you can’t physically distance yourself from these people, you may mark emotional boundaries that make you feel like you’re drifting apart.

Think about the people who make you feel uncomfortable, the ones who don’t show you’re important to them, whose attitude makes you uncomfortable…

Those people who tire you emotionally, those who steal your positive energy…

Think carefully before you decide if you really need them in your life!

This exercise is necessary because it will help you to detect these types of toxic people in the future and you can then move away from them as soon as you realize that they are not bringing you the same things you are bringing them.

This may seem a little difficult, but there is no need to feel guilty. It is necessary for your emotional health.

Friends are a great treasure, but only those who bring you great things.

Attract The Right People To You

Just as it is necessary to apply filters, it is important to attract the right people to us.

Attracting the right people to your life is very simple, all you have to do is be yourself.

Once you show others who you are, the people who fit your way of being will approach you and do you good.

“The real friendship is like fluorescence, it shines better when everything has darkened.”

– Rabindranath Tagore

Bury the masks that help you pretend to be someone else and the bad people will stop approaching you.

Don’t feel obligated to accept an invitation from someone, to have coffee as a courtesy if that person is annoying or just not interested in you.

Say what you feel as you wish to say, behave with others as you feel and express your emotions freely.

Doing so will allow you to feel freer and appreciate true friendship, the one that brings magic to your life.

Do not be afraid of who you are, show yourself transparent and you will attract real friends.

The fact that some people are not suitable for you does not mean that they are bad people.

They may be incredible people, but they do not fit you, they do not fit your personality.

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