Humility: The Secret Of Love?

Humility: The Secret Of Love?

Is humility important?

We often talk about humility among leaders, but why?

In my opinion, there are two main reasons why humility is important.

First, it is the impact it has on our own thoughts as a leader.

Humility is at the heart of the self-discussed reflection because it highlights that, although we have strengths as leaders, we also have weaknesses and fragilities.

Athletes, even at the highest level, have doubts about themselves, so humility is important in our own belief that it is acceptable to have weaknesses. It is a form of self-acceptance that also translates into being open about our weaknesses and at the same time not letting our strengths get in our heads.

If we define ourselves by our talent, there will always be someone better than us and at some point our sense of superiority will lead to a sense of inadequacy. In reality, we will reach a point where we will no longer be able to meet our own expectations.

In short, humility builds self-respect and self-acceptance, while the need to feel superior masks a sense of inadequacy.

Second, it is the impact it has on the people around us.

Humility among leaders is a strong motivator because it motivates them to value those who work with them. This creates strong team loyalty while maximizing the performance of others.

Leaders who are authentically humble, especially those who show gratitude to their team and the people around them, build lifelong commitment and loyalty.

According to one study, this quality would not only help to be more responsive to others but also to better solve problems together. To be used…but in moderation.

Among the superpowers to cultivate in order to be happier, such as gratitude, letting go, self-confidence and “moments of self”, a new study published in the journal “Couple and Family Psychology: Research and Practice” highlights the importance of humility”.

To keep your love relationship going, you have to be humble. It seems easy to do… but it is actually difficult, if only because humility implies one important thing: not only thinking about your own pleasure seeking but also about your partner’s. And it’s difficult because for most people, it doesn’t come naturally, and most of the people who lack it the most don’t even realize it.

That’s not all: humility would also help to forgive more, since you are no longer focused on your navel. And stop preconceived ideas: like kindness, humility is never a sign of weakness. Humility is the direct expression of someone who has a lot of self-esteem and self-confidence. When you trust what you are and what you are not, you are more open and willing to learn what you don’t know. So when problems arise in a relationship, those who are humble will tend to listen more than to be aggressive.

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