How To Manage Your Mind And Ego

How many of us get up in the morning with a strong annoyance against everything that moves and breathes? Whatever happens during the day, when events go against the plans of our mind and ego, they rise up and let us know. “Life is unfair”, “I need more money”, “she shouldn’t have left me”, “I’m not going to make it”, “I’m too fat”…

So then, if we do not investigate our ego and mind, they dominate us, and confuse us.

However, neither our ego nor our mind hold the Truth, our reality is only a matter of interpretation and perspective.

How can we distinguish between reality and our thoughts about reality?

How to remain serene in life, in all circumstances?

Here are some tips and good practices to regulate your mind and ego.


If you have recurring negative thoughts, they must be evacuated. Sport, for this reason, remains and will remain for a long time to come the best of all disciplines.


If we feed on negative thoughts about ourselves, chances are that they have originated outside. In this case, you have to move away and distance yourself from people who generate stress and a poor self-image. Even if they are family members. The ties of blood do not in any way justify the renunciation of its development. This avoids unconsciously reproducing biased family patterns.


Our mind is like an excited little dog jumping at our feet barking all the time. As with the small dog, we must tame it. We must teach him to keep quiet and obey.

So, as soon as you realize that your thoughts are looping, mentally throw them a firm and dry “silence”. At first, the mind will not necessarily listen to you. But since all education is also about time and perseverance, the mind will eventually obey you.

Of course, don’t forget to express gentleness and compassion towards your mind either, after all it is part of you: “I can see that you are afraid and you are starting to panic, but stay calm, you are making a mountain out of a hill.

However, if your mind is an indescribable chatterbox, let’s punish it by imagining you locking it in a padded cage so that it can no longer be heard.

Brian at Zakimi Castle Ruins, Okinawa, Japan | April 13, 2019


Imagine the prejudices we have projected on a person in the form of small stickers stuck on their foreheads. Take long breaths, focusing on the heart. The latter has become a magnet in the circumstances that attracts with love and kindness the little stickers that will stick to him. As soon as the small papers touch it, they are reduced in light to diffuse all around you.


The next time a situation pushes you to think, defuse the situation by choosing to stop thinking clearly. Breathe deeply as you contemplate the world around you. Concentrate on an object or view to extract yourself from the negative and daunting thought patterns.

Finally, ask yourself to remain centered, calm and use your mind for productive purposes. If necessary, do not hesitate to use a mantra:

“I am calm, deeply and truly serene, I am connected to my true self and others, and this gives me the most total good inner peace.”

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